The AHE Tipper Slider is a unique design that provides the most versatile body on the market today. The Tipper Slider combines a standard tipping body with a tilt slide tray. This enables the tray to be used as a standard tipper tray with approximately 40 degree tilt and in-cab tail gate release.

The tray is also able to be fitted with a hydraulic winch that, when the tray slides back to the ground, enables all types of machinery to be loaded into the back of the body. With a loading angle of approximately 20 degrees, the Tipper Slider is able to carry rollers, excavators, bobcats, scissor lifts and most types of equipment. The tray is able to be loaded from ground level, eliminating the need for ramps, making it a safer loading alternative.

The Tipper Slider can be fitted with any tray body configuration including a standard tipper setup with fixed or drop sides and a two way rear tailgate. It can also be configured with a removable tipper body to enable, when removed, shipping containers, site huts etc. to be carried.

A crane or rear tow hitch can also be added for a more versatile truck and enabling this truck to do what would have previously required 2 or 3 separate trucks.