Standard Features of an AHE Tilt Slide Tray

AHE tilt slide trays are manufactured to a high quality standard, not a price. All components used are of very high quality to give years of trouble free operation. All trays are built to your requirements of length, width, headboard style, lights and floor chain down points. Our flexible manufacturing style enables you to get the tray built that will suit you and your work.

All trays are fitted with emergency stop systems to completely disable the tray in the event of an emergency. There is an emergency stop button fitted at the control valve as well as the remote control if included.

The tilt slide trays all feature a full length sub frame bolted to the top of the truck chassis. The sub frame increases the strength of the truck chassis, reducing stress points. All pivot points are mounted off this sub frame meaning this can be unbolted from the chassis and refitted to another if required. The rear main pivot points feature replaceable brass sintered bushes as well as grease points. On trucks greater than 14,000 kg GVM the tray slide carriage features a stabilizer arm that aids in stability on uneven ground and when you have an offset load.

The Wearex wear pads used are UHMWPE, (Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene). This self lubricating material requires no grease and eliminates metal to metal contact on any sliding surfaces. The pads are used on the top of the sub frame as well as on all three sides of the tray slide carriage. The wearex has better wear properties than Nylon and will give years of trouble free and clean operation.

Hardox 450 high tensile plate is used on the floor to give stronger and lighter trays that will not buckle and bend. Domex high tensile plate is used as side combing rails to give a lighter and stronger tray.

All hydraulic cylinders are fitted with over centre lock valves. These valves ensure that the tray will only move when you operate it and even if a hose was to burst the tray would be locked in position. The winch segment on the valve has a port relief to ensure that it is not over pressurised causing damage.

The finish of our trays is second to none. Profile cut flat bar side combing rails are used with the rope rail welded in flush on the side giving a smooth finish. Headboards are manufactured from folded plate and the tray mounted toolboxes feature weatherproof compartments with stainless steel lids. Our list of standard features combines function, safety and looks to the highest standard and we are able to offer a 3 year warranty on all fabricated components with one year parts warranty.