Optional Extras

  • Rear Lift Cradle fitted including, Hydraulic over centre valve on all cylinders, Self-aligning return with lock in retracted position, Adjustment to suit various wheel sizes, Ratchet quick lock tie down system, 1250 kg rated capacity, Trailer Plug 24v, Removable 50mm tow ball tongue 3000 kg rated.
  • Split tray – trucks up to 14000 kg GVM, allows for less than 6 degree loading angle for all sports and prestige cars.
  • Rear Hydraulic Stabilizer Legs: mounted to rear of chassis, these stabilize the rear of the chassis and allow the tray to move independently of the legs. A warning light is mounted in the cab to indicate when the legs are down.
  • Remote control for tray including winch, tilt and slide. Can be customer specified to also control cradle, winch free spool, lights, stabilizer legs etc.
  • Towbars, Various available including:
    • Removable 50mm tow ball
    • Removable combination pintle hook with 50mm ball
    • Pintle hook various capacity options
    • Ring feeder
    • Bartlett Ball
  • 12 V reducer for trailer plug.
  • Container Pusher that slots into tray, diverts hydraulics from winch and is operated by remote control. Can be used for any stubborn object that need to be slid off the tray. Storage on headboard when not in use.
  • Chassis mounted toolboxes, water proof and lockable, various sizes in
    • Black Powder coat:
    • Black with Polished Stainless Steel lid:
    • Full polished Stainless steel
  • Multibox, polished stainless steel toolbox with inbuilt water tank and fire extinguisher mount, 1200x500x530
  • Combo toolbox, Black toolbox, 1200x500x500 with polished stainless steel lid, built in water tank and shelf.
  • Options available for shelf or draw inside toolboxes.
  • Custom paint options for both tray and chassis
  • Headboard, available in different options to suit all requirements.
  • Container pins either flush with floor or with raised 6mm above the floor with full length wear strips. All include front guides and stops.
  • Mine spec safety guard rails and access ladders
  • Keyhole Wheel lock clamp kit on tray
  • Auto Idle Up, enables the truck RPM to stay at idle until you are operating the tray, at this point the engine RPM will automatically increase. On trucks where this option is not available we can generally do a switched idle up from your remote and controls.
  • Winch upgrades available up to 30,000 lb. Cable Tensioner and air free spool for winch.
  • Plastic Water tank with soap dispenser
  • Polished aluminium water tank
  • Stainless steel guards
  • LED lights in headboard including:
    • LED work lights
    • Stop tail lights
    • Emergency lighting
    • Extra side clearance lights
  • Strobe lights
  • Oversize kit including signs and flags
  • Adjustable Container pulling chains
  • Aluminium loading ramps
  • Stainless covers
  • Various straps and chain sets
  • Rear tie down straps
  • Fire extinguisher supplied and fitted
  • Broom and shovel holders
  • Motor cycle dolly
  • Snatch block

These are just an overview of our options available, if you have a specific requirement or require a solution to a difficult problem, please contact us


Project Image
Broom and Shovel Mount
Project Image
Combo Toolbox and Fire Extinguisher
Project Image
Combo Toolbox
Project Image
Container Pusher
Project Image
Custom Chassis Paint and Stainless Panels
Project Image
Custom Paint
Project Image
Fixed Headboard
Project Image
Fully Optioned Tray
Project Image
LED Light Option 1
Project Image
LED Light Option 2 with Extra Lights
Project Image
LED Lights and Custom Towbar setup
Project Image
Mine Spec Guard Rail and Ladder
Project Image
Multi Box
Project Image
Oversize Sign
Project Image
Rear Lift Cradle
Project Image
Rear Stabiliser Legs
Project Image
Short Headboard and Wheel Clamps
Project Image
Split Tray
Project Image
Split Tray
Project Image
Stainless Panels with Lights
Project Image
Stainless Panels
Project Image
Stainless Toolboxes
Project Image
Toolbox Draw
Project Image
Toolbox, Water tank & Ramps
Project Image
Tow bar - pintle hook and removable 50mm ball