• Up To 11,000 GVM

Standard Features of the 11,000 GVM Tilt Slide Tray


  • Air solenoid operated PTO (Where air not available, electric used)
  • High Flow Pump for fast operation
  • Chassis mounted oil tank with return line filter and sight glass
  • Hydraulic over centre valve hard plumbed to all cylinders
  • High flow control valve with self centering controls
  • Emergency stop system to disable the hydraulics
  • 10,000lb Hydraulic planetary drive winch with manual free spool, front roller and 20mtrs high tensile wire rope with swivel hook
  • 3.5m stroke heavy duty slide cylider , 3.5” bore, 2” rod
  • 24” stoke tilt cylinders, 2.5” bore, 1.5” rod
  • Winch lines travel in heavy duty drag chain


  • 5mm Hardox smooth plate floor
  • 150 Channel slide channels with angle gussets
  • 50x50x4 RHS Cross members with maximum 360 centres
  • Full front headboard featuring 2 x lockable left and right hand side tool weatherproof compartments with lockable stainless lids
  • 10mm Domex high tensile plate side combing rails at nominated width
  • Full length rope rails both sides with steps on each side at the front
  • Chain keyholes in the floor - 3 across the rear and 3 on each side
  • 50mm Tow ball mounted above winch on headboard
  • Pulley block with mount holes in tray for winch cable alignment


  • Full sub-frame bolted to chassis with wearex slide pads for body to sit on
  • 100x100x6 RHS Slide carriage with plate gussets
  • Rear tray pivots feature grease points and brass sintered bushes
  • Body to slide on heavy duty wearex wear pad all round
  • Plastic tub guards in nominated colour
  • Remounted spare tyre
  • Slide under body lock with cut out so body can’t be tilted when under lock


  • Maxi Lamp LED rear lights fitted on spring loaded light bar
  • LED number plate lights
  • LED side clearance lights - 4 per side on the tray plus rear bar
  • LED light at control valve


  • Body is painted in high quality 2 Pack paint to match white cab (Any colour can be selected, however some add cost)
  • Sub frame and underside of tray painted gloss black
  • Tray floor painted black or silver with non slip coating